Medication Policy

Medication Policy If your child has a medical condition which requires the use of medication, it is strongly encouraged that these medications be given at home prior to school, after school, or at bedtime. If this is not possible, certain steps MUST be followed for medication to be administered at school.

  • ALL medication, both over-the-counter and prescription require a written doctor's order and parent permission.
  • ALL medication containers must be labeled by the physician or pharmacist with: the child's name, instructions for administration, content identification, and name of physician.
  • Unused medication must be picked up by the parent/guardian. Any medication left in the health room two weeks after the completion of the school year will be discarded.
  • If this procedure is not followed, the medication CANNOT be given.

Medication Policy Each school year requires an updated medication order from your child's physician, and written parent permission, if the medication will again be necessary. Many times changes in dosage or administration times can occur, also requiring updated physician orders and written parent consents.

Click here for authorization for medication during school hours form.