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Making a Teacher Referral for Gifted Screening

If you feel a student in your classroom may be exhibiting Characteristics of a Gifted Learner and may be in need of specially designed instruction different from what is currently offered in your classroom please...

  1. Consider what types of Differentiation are already being offered in the classroom.

  2. Compile examples of student work and other data that reflects their learning at a higher grade level

  3. Bring their name to the attention of our gifted search team

Elementary/ 6th Grade
Mrs. Sheaffer
Mrs. Rickenbach
Mr. Kuhns
Mrs. Comp

7th and 8th Grade/ High School
Mrs. Sheaffer
Mrs. Davidson
Mr. Guarente
Mrs. Comp

4. Fill out the Teacher Input form for Screening

For Your Reading Pleasure...

What it Means to Teach Gifted Learners Well
By Carol Ann Tomlinson, Ed.D

Enrichment Strategies

10 Examples & Non Examples of Differentiated Instruction From Teach Thought Staff

A Beginners Guide to Personalized Learning From Teach Thought Staff

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Differentiating for the High Ability Learner
by Tanya Morret

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