Student Toolbox

For Gifted Students in grades 6-12

Be sure to join the Greenwood MS/HS Gifted Google Classroom to stay up to date on enrichment opportunities, Meeting of the Minds, and other events related to gifted here at Greenwood.

Gifted Meeting Space
for Students in Grade 6-12

Meeting of the Minds

A group for Gifted Students in grades 6-12 to meet together as like minded
individuals and intellectual peers for a round table discussion on areas related
to their specific needs, strengths, personalities, and education.

Group meets the 1st Day 2 of each month at 8:00 am in the MS/HS Gifted Space

Online Enrichment Resources:
Brilliant Excel in math, science, and/or engineering? This social media based site/app may be for you. Pose and solve challenging problems as a community of learners, both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Earn ranking based on the difficulty of problems you solve.

Newsela Do you like to read and learn about the world around you. Stay up to date on current events by reading articles on Newsela. You can select more challenging articles, on topics of interest that strengthen your reading and comprehension ability.

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