Graduation Project

The goal of the Greenwood School-to-Career Program is to provide opportunities for students to learn the skills needed for employment, to explore the many occupational choices available, and to discover their own aptitudes, talents, and interests for different career fields.

The Greenwood School Board has endorsed this project and made the graduation project a requirement for graduation. The project involves completing the job application process--collecting personal information, creating a resume, cover letter, references, filling out a job application form, mock interview, and completing a thank you letter. A digital portfolio is required as part of the interview. Students receive one credit for completion of this project.

The instructions for the project are given during session days. The project is completed during the student's junior year. If not completed or passed, the student is able to repeat the project during the senior year. Students enrolling at Greenwood after the project has started will complete it during their senior year.