Driver Education

Driver Education

Application from Juniors Driver's License to Regular Driver's License

Parent or Guardian Certification of Driving Experience

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Have questions about the safety of U.S. highways? Look here first for answers on the most frequently asked questions about highway safety issues. Click on the Teenagers link to find questions that specifically focus on issues regarding teenage drivers.

Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
How safe are you on the road? The Automobile Association of America provides information and emergency services to drivers nationwide. Use the Search function at their Traffic Safety site to find out about other services and materials provided by AAA. Enter keywords and learn what the AAA has available for student drivers.

Beginning Drivers Discusses why teenagers are the riskiest drivers and what can be done to minimize the risk.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Click here to explore the NHTSA's user-friendly site on vehicle safety and people safety.

National Safety Council
Provides information about defensive driving courses and Air Bag & Seat Belt safety campaign