School Cafe Account Creation

Point of Sale

Greenwood School District uses PrimeroEdge Point of Sale in both of our cafeterias. Creating a School Cafe account will allow parents to have control of their child's selections and deposit money into their child's account. Each child's account statement is updated continuously so that the information is current.

Student, Parents, Faculty and Staff can create accounts to monitor their purchases etc...

School Cafe is available for making online deposits and to make the selections for purchases that are allowed for your child's meal account. You will also be able to use your credit card to make deposits. There is a 5.00% fee for each deposit. Online payment can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the district's server to update the information. Food Service payment excluding the convenience fee should be between $20 and $1000.00. At the time of the deposit you will be able to designate the amount you want to add to each child's meal account if you have more than one student linked to your PrimeroEdge login.

If you wish to transfer money from one child's account to another please contact the office of your child's school to make that request.

You will need your child's student ID# to link your account to each student. ID#'s are printed on progress reports and report cards. If you need your child's student ID# please contact the office of your child's school.

There is no fee to create and maintain an account to monitor your child's meal information. You may view the purchase history as well as be notified of low balances through email.

This system allows you the option to deposit to your child's meal account online or you may continue to send deposits to school. Be sure to place the deposit in an envelope with your child's information (Name, PIN#, Homeroom etc.). You may also use the feature to receive a low balance notification. For proper notification of low balances, it is recommended to use $8.00 as the minimum balance so that you are notified in a timely manner.