Welcome back to another school year.  I hope to make this school year an enjoyable and learnable year for your child.  My philosophy as a physical educater is to get students moving while having fun.  I also believe all students should give 100% for the class in any particular day. I do not expect top athletes out of my students, I expect them to try! I believe all studnets should and will be treated equally.  If you feel as a parent or guardian that you need to get into contact with me for any reason, please feel free to do so.  I can be reached through e-mail ekerstetter@greenwoodsd.org or phone 717-589-3116x1130. 
                  Your child should have recieve a policey paper at the beginnig of the school year highlighting some general rules and policies for PE class.  In recap, I expect the following:
                        1. Dress and Participation, which is 5pts every class.
                        2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T towards the teacher and to others in the class.
                 The following are not accepted in PE class:
                        1. NO mid-drifts
                        2. NO tank tops
                             3. NO sleevless shirts
                        4. NO hooded sweatshirts (unless authorized by the teacher)
                        5. NO clogs or slip on shoes (all shoes should have laces, closed back, and rubber sole)
                        6. Foul Language is not acceptable
                        7. Jewelry may be worn at (teacher discreation).  However, students are advised to take off necklaces, watches, bracelets, and dangle earings.
                        8. Taridness- you are expect to arrive to PE class on time just like any other class that you may have throughout the day.
                        9. Missing class- it is your responsiblity to know what day of the cycle it is. Missing class will result in a Zero for the period.
                        10. No gum, food, or drinks. -Water foutains are located in the locker room
                        11. Electronic devices are NOT permitted out of the locker room.  You may not take them upstairs or outside. They stay in the locker room. You also have the option of keeping any electronic device in my locked office during class.
    Students will only be excused from class with a docotor's or nurse's note. 
    Personal: I am entering my 12th year teaching at Greenwood.  I am a 2001 graduate of Halifax High School, 2005 graduate of Lock Haven University with a B.S in Health and Physical Education, and a 2007 graduate of California University of PA with a MSED with a K-12 principal certificate.  I reside in Halifax with my son Jaylen and dog Savannah.
    Ms. Erin M. Kerstetter
    405 E. Sunbury St.
    Millerstown, PA 17062
Last Modified on September 15, 2016