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    Classroom Expectations
    *Always come to class prepared.  I expect you to have a pencil, paper, your book, your homework, and your notebook with you at every class.  You will need to refer to past concepts in the future!  You should also bring a calculator if you have one especially if the unit we are working on requires the use of a calculator.  Some calculators will be available for classroom use only.  If you have questions about which calculator would be the best choice before making a purchase, contact me!
    *Be prepared to start class when the bell rings.  This means getting out the homework from the previous night and being ready to begin any warm-up problems that might be on the board awaiting you.  I will check your homework while you are completing these warm-up activities.  If I don't see your homework, I will assume that it is incomplete.
    *Always respect everyone and everything in this classroom.
    *Always ask questions if you do not understand something!!!  If you are still confused, set up a time to come in for extra help.  If I can't help you, we will find someone who can!  Do not let yourself fall behind in math!
    Grading Policy
    Your grade will be determined by adding all the points you have earned and dividing by the total possible points.  You will be given points for your homework, quizzes, tests, and participation in special activities.
    Homework is vital to your success in Math class.  I will be checking homework for completeness on a random basis:  I may check everyday or I may skip a day at my discretion.  I expect students to attempt every problem given.  For a completed homework assignment, you will be awarded 5 points.  If the assignment is not complete, you will receive 0 points.  You may receive partial credit for assignments turned in past the due date.
    Attendance is critical in your success in Math.  Missing instruction and concepts will only put you behind since most concepts build upon each other.  In case of an absence, you are responsible for getting any missed notes and example problems given in class.  You will also need to complete and present any homework assignments missed in a timely manner in order to receive credit.
Last Modified on August 21, 2017