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    American Literature
    This course will cover great works of literature by American authors from the Antebellum period through Modernism.  Students will study various fiction and nonfiction texts.  Additionally, students will compose academic essays throughout the year, and the year will conclude with a Research and Writing unit that will focus on college level research and writing preparation.  


    British Literature
    This course will cover great works of British literature from literary periods, including Old, Middle, and Modern English texts (translated). Additionally, students will learn about the history of the English language as it progressed from 400-Present.  Students will compose several essays using various types of literary criticisms throughout the year.  Students will focus on a Research and Writing unit at the end of the year.  While research techniques are the focus of the unit junior year, senior year will focus more on the writing component. Please note that this course is designed for students who have an interest in post-secondary education, and the rigor of the course will reflect this ambition.
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