Proper Dress: Student must change into sneakers, shorts, and t-shirt.  If outside, some days a sweatshirt may be necessary.  A student must change completely in order to participate.
    Medical Excuses: If a student has a doctors note, they should give it to the office or myself.  The student does not need to change clothes and they are excused for the period of time on the note.  A parent note is the same as a doctors note, unless it is for an extended period of time in which a doctors note must be obtained.
    "Free Day": In the High School, students are able to use one "free" day per marking period if they do not feel well and do not have a note to be excused.  In order to use this excuse, they must have their PE clothes and sneakers as if they are going to participate that day of class. 
    Locker Room: Students should not leave clothes in the locker room unless they are locked in a locker.  Locks are given out by myself and are free to use if returned to me at the end of the school year.  If the locks are lost a fee will be charged if not returned.
    Point System: Students receive 5 total points per class period of PE.  They must completely change for class in order to not receive a zero.  We also have 10 point skills tests each marking period including push-ups, sit-ups, one mile run, and shuttle run.
    Improper language or conduct: A student will be deducted points off their daily grade for swearing or improper conduct during PE class.  If a student has multiple occurrences of this conduct they will be referred to the principal for additional discipline.
    Gum:  A student should not be chewing gum during PE class.  A warning is given to them the first instance and then points deducted each additional occurrence. 
    Equipment:  Students are not permitted to play with the PE equipment until directed to do so.  If a student does not follow these directions we have a 10 push-ups per bounce  rule that seems to keep things in order.
    Any other questions please contact me.  Thanks, Mr. Johnson 
    Contact Info:

    Mr. Brad Johnson

    405 E. Sunbury St.
    Millerstown, PA 17062
    Phone: 589-3116 ext. 1129
Last Modified on August 24, 2016