Welcome to Art with Mrs. Comp


     Mrs. Michele Comp   

    Day 1
     Byers (5)
     Troup (4)
     T. Smith (3)
     Weger (2) 
    Day 2
     Derr (6)
     Gantt (K)
     L. Anstine (1)
     3rd Grade Rotation
     Weller (2)
    Day 3
     Z. Smith(5)
     Kauffman (4)
     Reisinger (1)
    Day 4
     Sherman (6)
     Seibert (K)
     Fegley (1)
     2nd Grade Rotation 
     Lesh (3) 
    Day 5
     Blair (5)
     Keener (4)
     S. Smith (3)  
    Day 6
     Anstine (6)
     Johnson (K) 
     1st Grade Rotation 
     Rumberger (2) 
    Good ?'s to ask your children when they
    bring home their ART work:

    How did you make that?

    What can you tell me about it?

    Where did you start?

    How did you come up with the idea?

    What Tools & Materials did you use? 

    What was  your favorite part about making it?

                       If you gave it a title... What would you call it?

    What / Who did you learn about while making it?



    ...Wish List...
    Almost anything can
    be used to make art!
    Art Room Wish List
    will be updated with items
    we could always use, need
    for specific projects, and
    things that would make the
    art room more organized
    and/or exciting.
    • Coffee cans 
    • Cookie/baking sheets
    • Large zip lock bags
    • Yarn
    • Old iPhones
    • Cereal boxes
    • Small plastic toys and game parts
    • Empty tp and paper towel rolls
    • Paper plates
    • Magazines
    • iTunes Gift Cards
    • Beads and buttons
    • Shoe boxes
    • Cd's/cd cases
    • Fabric Remnants 
    • Bubble Wrap
    if you have any of these items
    and are willing to donate
    them to our classroom
    bring them to the GES
    office and label Mrs. Comp
    Thank You
     Don't Forget
    Art Smock!
Last Modified on August 19, 2018