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    Art Recipes Fun Art Recipes. Make your own playdough & Flubber right at home.

    Cafe Zoom- Edible Art ~ Have a great time making these easy recipies for kids by kids. Make foods such as Edible Spiders, Dirt Pudding, Ticklish Tea, & Bread in  a bag

    The Art Zone ~ NGA KIDS interactive art that you can make online. Mix up photos using PHOTO OP & make digital collages on the Collage Machine

    Tate Kids  ~ This exciting site allows kids to dive into their own imagination they can upload their own gallery, play games, Meet Ortus and the Art sparks, and of course find lots of great things, like wild maskes, soap carvings,  and junky funky sculptures to make at home.

     The Artists Tool Kit  ~ Use this fun interactive Art site to create using the Elements & Principles of Design

    Mr. Picasso Head ~ Create your own Picasso inspired portrait on this easy to use site.

    Color in Motion ~ Get to know color... Did you know colors have feelings & emotions?

    Art Games  ~ on this site young artists can play art games while exploring famous artists and make and send their own art cards.

    Haring KIDS! ~ Meet the artist Keith Haring and explore his art work & while your there check out the interactive coloring book, master picture puzzles, and play tic-tac-toe Haring syle.

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Last Modified on August 19, 2014