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    Education2nd Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for kids HD Lite2nd Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for kids HD Lite - a fun innovative way to practice math.  13 chapters covering over 180 math skills.FreeStudyPad, Inc2nd Grade
    BooksA Story B4 BedA Story B4 Bed - record yourself reading to your child or choose from a library of authors in their own words reading their stories.FreeJackson Fish Market2nd Grade
    EducationAbby Pal Tracer - ABC Cursive HDAbby Pal Tracer - ABC Cursive HD - created by a group of early writing teachers to teach kids proper Cursive letter writing skills, based on the national standard of pringint (Zaner-Bosler Style)FreeHien Ton2nd Grade
    GamesAbby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards for Reading SuccessAbby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards for Reading Success - Entirety of 220 SIGHT WORDS from the Dolch list (with extra 94 NOUNS!)FreeCFC s.r.o.2nd Grade
    GamesArithmeTick - Math FlashcardsArithmeTick - Math Flashcards - How fast can you add and multiply?  Solve math problems against the clock!FreePomegranate Apps2nd Grade
    Photo & VideoBill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite - PostcardBill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite - Postcard - create custom postcards showing your own photos.FreeBill Atkinson Photography2nd Grade
    EducationBlusterBlusert - a word matching game to develop vocabulatya nd word understanding.FreeMcGraw-Hill School Education Group2nd Grade
    EducationBrainPop Featured MovieBrainPop Featured Movie -  FreeBrainPop2nd Grade
    EducationBrainPop Jr. Movie of the weekBrainPop Jr. Movie of the week -  for K-3 spans subjects with Science, Social Studies, Reading Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology.  Humorous characters guide you through each topic empowering kids to form their own ideas.FreeBrainPop2nd Grade
    Photo & VideoCaptionCardCaptionCard - allows you to quickly and easily add customized text to any photo from your camera or photo library.  Then you can save your cationed photo library.FreeSymbiotic Software, LLC2nd Grade
    GamesChicktionaryChicktionary - unscramble a roost full of LETTERS and create as many WORDS as possible.FreeBlockdot, Inc2nd Grade
    GamesChocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place ValueChocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value - As the owner of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory, your job is to ship and deliver cookies to your customers as fast as you can.FreeVertical Learning Labs2nd Grade
    GamesChop Off WireChop Off Wire - a balance game in which wires have to be cut so as not to allow the collapse of a stage on which a clown is standing on.  The wires should be cut while keeping blanance in mind, and if cut not in the correct order the stage will collapse.FreePhyzios, Inc2nd Grade
    GamesColor FillColor Fill - use 4 colors to fill the picture and keep each adjacent area in different colors.  80 levels with time limited.FreeDreaminGame Co., Ltd2nd Grade
    EducationCount Money ICount Money I - a great way to practice counting money.  Select the difficulty level and number of problems in the "Settings" screen.FreeHorizon Business, Inc2nd Grade
    ProductivityDoodle BuddyDoodle Buddy - Draw, Scribble, SketchFreePinger, Inc.2nd Grade
    Productivitydv Prompterdv Prompter - is a fully featured Teleprompter.FreeDatavideo UK Limited2nd Grade
    EducationEgberta's EquationsEgberta's Equations - suitable for many grade levels with difficulties ranging from basic single-digit addition, to multiplication and division.FreeGAMeS Lab at RU2nd Grade
    NewsFeedlyFeedly - A fast way to swipe, reade and share the content of your favorite sites.FreeDevHD2nd Grade
    EntertainmentFlip It! LiteFlip It! Lite - create flip book style animations.FreeFat Fish Apps, LLC2nd Grade
    ReferenceFreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus!FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! - a no-fuss thesaurus application.  Each definition shows related words, synonyms & antonyms.FreeWeesWares2nd Grade
    EducationGeoboard, by The Math Learning CenterGeoboard, by The Math Learning Center - a tool for exploring a variedy of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades.FreeClarity Innovations2nd Grade
    EducationGeometry 4 KidsGeometry 4 Kids - this app is build for elementary kids ages 5 -1 0.  Teaches a plethora of geometrical concepts and is designed in collaboration with teachers, parents and students.$0.99 Nth FusionLLD2nd Grade
    EducationGoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad - the astronomy star guideGoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad - the astronomy star guide - easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more by simply pointing to the sky.  Your personal telescope to the wonders in the night sky.FreeGoSoftWorks2nd Grade
    EducationGrammar Jammers - PrimaryGrammar Jammers - Primary - K-5 Catchy animated songs and rhymes that make English language arts exciting!FreePearson Education, Inc.2nd Grade
    Productivityidea SketchIdea Sketch - lets you easily draw a diagram - mind map, or flow chart and covert it to a text outline or vice versa.FreeNosleep Software2nd Grade
    BusinessiTalk RecorderiTalk Recorder - a full-featured recording app with streamlined and intuitive user interface.FreeGriffin Technology2nd Grade
    EducationK12 Timed Reading PracticeK12 Timed Reading Practice Lite - lets readers in grades k-4 practice fluency, the ability to read smoothly and quickly. (more than 250 stories)$1.99 K12, Inc2nd Grade
    EducationK12 Timed Reading Practice LiteK12 Timed Reading Practice Lite - lets readers in grades k-4 practice fluency, the ability to read smoothly and quickly. (25 stories)FreeK12, Inc2nd Grade
    GamesLetsTans PremiumLetsTans Premium FreeGrabarchuk Puzzles, Kft2nd Grade
    Word WorkMad LibsMad Libs - FreePenguine Group USA2nd Grade
    EducationMathmateer - formerly Rocket MathMathmateer - formerly Rocket Math - Each mission has touchable objects floating in space. Mission range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots.FreeDan Russell-Pinson2nd Grade
    EducationMathTappers: Clock Master - a math game to help children learn to read clocksMathTappers: Clock Master - a math game to help children learn to read clocksFreeHeavyLifters Network Ltd2nd Grade
    BooksMeeGeniusMeeGenius - a freena nd easy-to-use library of e-books.FreeMeeGenius, Inc2nd Grade
    EducationMoneyMoney  - a great way to practice counting money.  Select the difficulty level and number of problems in the "Settings" screen.FreeHorizon Business, Inc2nd Grade
    Photo & VideoMoodboard LiteMoodboard Lite - an app for creating mood and inspiration boards.  Each board is a blank canvas for organizing the things that inspire you.  Add photos, text, color swatches, and special elements to you boards, then share them with friends and colleagues.FreeA Tiny Tribe LLc2nd Grade
    Word WorkMy Spelling Test: FreeMy Spelling Test: Free - is like creating your own spelling bee and is a great way to save time on homework.FreeFunflip Studios2nd Grade
    CollaborationNearpodNearpod - Collaboration Solution - Teacher signs in with their credentals and students use teacher provided PIN for each class.FreePanarea2nd Grade
    BooksNook kidsNook Kids - Barnes & Noble  - a collection of digital pictures and chapter books.  Explore dynamic books for kids.FreeBarnes & Noble Kids2nd Grade
    GamesPhyzicle SandboxPhyzicle Sandbox - the 2D physics sandbox that can bring your imaginations to life.  Use a variety of shapes, contraints and even FLUIDS to build amazing contraptions.FreeAgop Shirinian2nd Grade
    EducationPizza Fractions: Beginning with simple fractionsPizza Fractions: Beginning with simple fractions - In chef's pizzeria your child masters the concept of naming simple fractions using pizza picture examples.FreeBrian West2nd Grade
    ProductivityPopplet litePoplet Lite - allows you to move at a speed of your thoughts.  You can capture your ideas and sort them visually in realtimeFreeNotion2nd Grade
    EducationPuppetPals HDPuppetPals HDFreePolished Play LLC2nd Grade
    ScannerQrafterQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator.  A two-dimensional barcode scanner.  **The paid app is able to generate QR Codes.FreeAli Kerem Erkan2nd Grade
    BooksScholastic StoriaStoria - an eReading app designed to engange kids of all ages and reading levels.FreeScholastic2nd Grade
    EducationScreenChompScreenChomp - Share a great idea, explain a tricky concept, help kids with their homwork.FreeTechSmith Corporation2nd Grade
    ProductivitySkitchSkitch - Use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation to get your point across.  Mark up photos, screenshots, maps…FreeEvernote2nd Grade
    GamesSlice It! BeginsSlice It! Begins - its all about slicing shapes into pieces that are equal in size.FreeCom2uS Inc2nd Grade
    EntertainmentSock PuppetsSock Puppets - lets you create your own lip-synced videos.  FreeSmith Micro Software, Inc;  Consumer Division2nd Grade
    ProductivityStickyboardStickyboard - A Giant Whiteboard with a never ending stack of sticky notes.FreeQrayon, LLC2nd Grade
    EducationStory Lines for SchoolsStory Lines for Schools - vocabulary and language concepts that are grade appropriate  and spark creativity in a safe enjoyable manner.FreeRoot-One, Inc2nd Grade
    EducationToontasticToontastic - a creative storytellin and learning tool that enables kids to draw, animate and share their won cartoons.FreeLaunchpad Toys2nd Grade
    ProductivityUYHUse Your Handwriting - lets you write notes in your own handwriting without using the popup keyboard.FreeGee Whiz Stuff2nd Grade
    EducationVoiceThreadVoiceThread  - Create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams and videos.  You can talk, type and draw on the screen.  FreeVoiceThread.com2nd Grade
    BooksWild FablesWild Fables - don't just read a story - play along! FreeRazeware, LLC2nd Grade
    iHourglassiHourglass - Timer - hourglass instantly resets when you filp it upside down.FreeHeadlight Software Inc2nd Grade 
    EducationSplash Math - 3rd grade worksheets for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions & 11 other chapters HD LiteSplash Math - 3rd grade worksheets for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions & 11 other chapters HD LiteFreeStudyPad, Inc2nd Grade   3rd Grade
    Student/Teacher AppsShowMeTurn your iPad into a personal interactive whiteboard!  ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online.  It’s a radically intuitive app that anyone will find extremely easy to use.FreeLearnbat, Inc2nd Grade  EL Student  EL Teacher
    StoryBuddyStoryBuddy provides a magical platform to create, read and share multi-page stores.  Draw directly on the iPad's screen with your finger to create your very own picture book.FreeTapfuze2nd Grade  EL Student  EL Teacher
    Teacher AppsCommonCoreCommor Core standards can be referenced for lesson planning.FreeMysteryConnectAdmin          EL Teacher
    App FinderApp ShopperApp Shopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebiesFreeApp Shopper.com LLCAdmin          EL Teacher  AGTeacher    IT
    CloudOnCloudOn brings Microsoft Office to your iPad and links it to you Box, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.  Has built-in Adobe Reader and File Viewer lets you view virtually any file type including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc…FreeCloudOn, IncAdmin          EL Teacher       IT
    BrowserSide by SideSide by Side - view multiple browser windows at one time.FreeBao LeiAdmin          EL Teacher       IT
    OrganizerEvernoteEvernote is an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all the devices you use.  Lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminiders and make these notes searchable weather you are at home, work or on the go.FreeEvernoteAdmin          EL Teacher       IT                AG-Students  AG-Teachers
    Education3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool - learn about the cell and its structures.FreeInvitrogen CorporationAG-Students AG-Teachers
    Medical3D4Medical's Images - iPad ed.3D4Medical's Images - iPad ed. - over 200 medical images that can be dispalyed for presentations purposes.Free3D4Medical.com, LLCAG-Students AG-Teachers
    GamesAgRacerAgRacer - brings the challenges of racing, add in farm equipment and rewards you with great prizes for being the top scorers.FreeAgRacer, LLCAG-Students AG-Teachers
    ProductivityBoard Can Standard - live exhibitions of small featuresBoard Can Standard - live exhibitions of small features transforms you iPad or iPhone  to an enhanced document camera or whiteboard.  FreeJuan Luis Herrea CortijoAG-Students AG-Teachers
    UtilitiesCalculator%Calculator% - maximizes the size of the buttons and display with a great layout for fast easy calculations.FreeTim O's StudiosAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationCreatures of LightCreatures of Light - a close look at som of the organisms that produce light.FreeAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryAG-Students AG-Teachers
    LifestyleDairy PingDairy Ping - a simple solution to allow quick access to the location of your product's dairy, the products, the animals and compliance with FDA sanitation requirements.FreeRwylandAG-Students AG-Teachers
    BusinessDairyCents: Track income over feed costs and feed pricesDairyCents: Track income over feed costs and feed prices - PSU Dairy Cents offers a quick calcuation of income over feed costs and prices comparison.FreeAHG IncorporatedAG-Students AG-Teachers
    NewsDTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture NewsDTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News - Award winning Ag news.FreeTelvent DTN, LLCAG-Students AG-Teachers
    Medicaldvm360 for iPaddvm360 for iPad - veterinatians and team members can get everything they need to success in practice right on your iPad.FreePixel MagsAG-Students AG-Teachers
    BusinessFarm Futures MagazineFarm Futures Magazine - leading magazine for agriculture.FreeFarm Progress CompaniesAG-Students AG-Teachers
    ReferenceFish ID - Know every fish, fish every spot and spot the best catchFish ID - Know every fish, fish every spot and spot the best catch - a flexible tackle box of tools for identifying any catch, finding fishing spors, reading up on local regulations and more…FreeMEDL MobileAG-Students AG-Teachers
    Health & FitnessFooducate - Healthy Food Diet and Nutrition ScannerFooducate - Healthy Food Diet and Nutrition Scanner - Lose weight, eat real food, and get healty.  Fooducate grades your groceries, explains what's really inside each product and offeres healthier alternatives. FreeFooducate, LtdAG-Students AG-Teachers
    BusinessGreenhouse Management magazineGreenhouse Management magazine - grower oriented business coverage.FreeGreenhouse Management MagazineAG-Students AG-Teachers
    ProductivityiCropTrakiCropTrak - Turn existing paper and processes into your new digital multi user collaboration tool.FreeScanControlAG-Students AG-Teachers
    MedicaliPathologistiPathologist - browse pathology slides just as you would through a microscope.  You can create instant diagnosis throught a designated case file.  Connects with world renowned expertise.FreeMotic China Group Co., LtdAG-Students AG-Teachers
    ProductivityiStudiez LiteiStudiez Lite - take charge of your schedule with this app.FreeiStudiez TeamAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationLeafsnap for iPadLeafsnap for iPad - an electronic field guide developed by researchers from Columbia University, Univ of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution.  Uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of leaves.FreeColunbia University, University of Maryland and Smithsonian InstitutionAG-Students AG-Teachers
    UtilitiesLevel-Level- - simple to use and is accurateFreeTim O's StudiosAG-Students AG-Teachers
    UtilitiesLevel.Level. - carpenter's level with ruler.FreeEasewareAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationNatureTapNatureTap - engage users learn by way of a game.FreeGreen Mountain DigitalAG-Students AG-Teachers
    BusinessNovartis Animal Health Cattle Vaccine Literature LibraryNovartis Animal Health Cattle Vaccine Literature Library - contains literature on their U.S. Cattle vaccines.FreeNovartis Animal Health Inc.AG-Students AG-Teachers
    BusinessPoultry International magazinePoultry International magazine - covers trends, news and interactive features and products from Poulty International.FreeWATT PublishingAG-Students AG-Teachers
    ReferencePromegaPromega - reference information and tools for life scientists.  Tools such as calculators annotatable protocals and indepts reference materials coverin key topics in molecular and cell biology.FreePromega CorporationAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationScience360 for iPadScience360 for iPad - easy access to engaging science and engineer ing images and videos from around the globe and news feeds featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions.FreeNational Science FoundationAG-Students AG-Teachers
    UtilitiesSoil Test ProSoil Test Pro - makes soil sampling for farm easier than ever.  Whether you are a farmer or just work iin the ag filed by using Soil Test Pro you will do a better job sampling your fields.FreeTapLogic, LLCAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationSoilWebSoilWeb - GPS based real-time access to USDA-MRCS soil survey data.FreeCA Soil Resouce LabAG-Students AG-Teachers
    MusicSoundHoundSoundHound - song streamsFreeSoundHound, IncAG-Students AG-Teachers
    WeatherThe Weather Channel for iPadThe Weather Channel for iPad - combines interactive imagery with weather experts.FreeThe Weather Channel InteractiveAG-Students AG-Teachers
    EducationTrees Pro HD - Nature MobileTrees Pro HD - Nature Mobile - a guide to the most common North American and European trees.FreeAlphablind StudioAG-Students AG-Teachers
    MedicalVeterinary FormularyVeterinary Formulary - published information from Wickliffe Pharmaceutical Inc.FreeMedia MarketersAG-Students AG-Teachers
    File SharingDropboxDropbox allows you to store, access and share pictures, videos, documents etc… on all devices anytime and anywhere. Free            **An Account is needed.Dropbox, Inc.ALL
    EducationEducreations Interactive WhiteboardEducreations I Wb - Turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.FreeEducreations, IncALL
    BrowserGoogle ChromeBrowse fast with Chrome.  Sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience from your computer and bring it with you anywhere you go.FreeGoogle Inc.ALL
    TravelGoogle EarthFly around the planet with  a weipe of your finger with Google Earth.FreeGoogle Inc.ALL
    PresentationIdea FlightIdea Flight allows you to present to a group and share your presentation on a multitude of iPads for teacher guided or self guided exploration.FreeCondeNetALL
    Teacher Apps iMessagesiMessages - can ge sent between iPhone, iPad touch and MacPreinstalled on each iPadALL
    File SharingMover LiteMover Lite is the quickest way to move stuff from iPhone A to iPhone B with style.  Put what you want to send on the Mover table, connect via Wi-Fi and flick it off screen where you want it to go!FreeEmanuele VulcanoALL
    BusinessOfficeDropOfficeDrop - the best way to sacn, search, sync and store your paper oin you iPhone or iPad.  Free searchable cloud storage service that lets you scan paper, text search paper and digital files, organize everything and share files.FreePixily, IncALL
    Photo & VideoPhoto BoothPhoto Booth - a software application for taking photos and videos with the iSight camera.Preinstalled on each iPadApple IncALL
    BrowserRoverRover is the free education app that streams educational Flash content to your iPad.  **Rover is the only educationl browser for your iPad designed for teachers and students of all ages.  Use to access sites that use Flash.FreeiSWiFTER Learn IncALL
    VideoSafariMontageApp works in conjunction with a properly configured SAFARI Montage Server.  Provides a Student Response System solution for formative assessments, as well as access to room device congrols and video content maintanied on the SAFAR Montage Server.Subscription Required **Greenwood Students and staff can access using LDAP user IDLibrary Video CompanyALL
    ScannerScanThis is a QR Code Reader.  It will allow someone to scan a code to be taken directly to a website, video, audio, message, image, etc…FreeTapMedia LtdALL
    VocabularyDictionary.comDictionary & Thesarus for iPadFreeDictionary.Com, LLCEL Student  El Teacher
    VocabularyMerriam-Webster DictionaryMerriam-Webster Dictionary HDFreeMerriam-Webster, Inc.EL Student  El Teacher
    ReadingAccelerated Reader (AR)Accelerated Reader (AR)  is the most popular and successful reading product of all time.  AR: Makes essential reading practice more effective for every student.  Personalize reading practice to each students current level.Subscription  **Greenwood Elementary Student Access ONLY AT SCHOOLRenaissance Learning, Inc.EL Student  El Teacher   IT
    MathSum is Ten LiteSum is Ten is a tile-matching game.  Tiles disappear when the sum is ten horizontally or verticallyFreeKAI HONG TSEEL Student  El Teacher   IT
    Voice to SpeechDragon DictationDragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email message.FreeNuance CommunicationEl Student El Teacher IT
    OrganizerlinoLino is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post information, ideas, and photos to an interactive canvas.Free            **An Account is needed.Infoteria CorporationEL Teacher
    Teacher AppsPowerTeacher MobilePowerTeacher Mobile works with PowerSchool. FreeNCS Pearson IncEL Teacher
    MedicalA Vet ToolA Vet Tool - the perfect app for anyone working in the veterinary field.$6.99 Luke CampbellNone
    ReferenceAnimal FactsAnimal Facts - a collection or unbelievable facts about animals.$1.99 Escape Plan B, LLCNone
    EducationAnimal InfoAnimal Info - contains information on various animal behavior, characteristics, life cycle and reproduction….$0.99 Nano Nino IncNone
    ReferenceAudubon Trees - A Filed Guide to North American TreesAudubon Trees - A Filed Guide to North American Trees - a reference with over 700 trees at your fingertips.$4.99 Green Mountain DigitalNone
    BookBook CreatorBook Creator - a simple way to create your own iBooks right on the iPad.$4.99 Dan AmosNone
    EducationCell and Cell StructureCell and Cell Structure - a fantastic middle-school biology app.$2.99 EmantrasNone
    ProductivityCharacter PromptsCharacter Prompts - an exciting twist on traditional writing prompts.$2.99 DictionaryOf.com, IncNone
    Photo & VideoComic LifeComic Life - photo comic creation software.$4.99 plasq LLCNone
    EntertainmentDoInk Animation & DrawingDoInk Animation & Drawing - vector drawing tools.  Create frame by fram animations or single frame vector artwork.$4.99 DK Pictures, Inc.None
    EducationExplain EverythingExplain Everything - is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate and narrate presentations.$2.99 MorrisCooke spNone
    EducationFact Families: Addition and SubtractionFact Families: Addition and Subtraction - teaches the commutative property of addition.  Students watch the 2 minute instructional animation and then are able to practice.$0.99 ElectrokiteNone
    Health & FitnessFitHorseFitHorse - Horse's bodyweight estimation by measuring the girth size.  The fitness of your horse is closely related to bodyweight..$0.99 CENTAURE METRIXNone
    EducationFloral IDFloral Id - Comprised of the full 124-floriculture plant identification list.  Is designed to help students identify each plant with multiple high resolution images, audio pronunciation  of plant's common names and botanical name…$4.99 CEV MultimediaNone
    Doc EditorGoodReaderGoodReader - a way to edit documents.$4.99 Yuri SelukoffNone
    UtilitiesHome Builder Pro CalcsHome Builder Pro Calcs - with 300 home improvement calculations and unit conversiong. Gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calcuations including hours and cost estimates and tak or quantities.$4.99 Double Dog StudiosNone
    UtilitiesHome Improvement CalcsHome Improvement Calcs - 150 do it yourslef and home imporvement calculations and unit conversions.$1.99 Double Dog StudiosNone
    OrganizerInfinoteInfinote - Organize all your notes.$2.99 Jey BiddulphNone
    LifestyleInstant PoetryInstant Poetry - create you own poetry with your own pictures in the background.$1.99 Razeware, LLCNone
    Photo & VideoiPhotoiPhoto - Organize, edit and view photos full-screen, email and share them.$4.99 Apple IncNone
    EducationKid's JournalKid's Journal - Allows kids to easily focus on the content of their reflection with an easy-to-use interface.$1.99 App of Approval LLCNone
    EducationMagnabetMagnabet - Touch on the letter of choice and drag away.  Remove a leteer by dragging it to the edge of the iPad or touching the dust pan.$0.99 NetFunctional, IncNone
    EducationMath BingoMath Bingo - the object is to get a pattern of five BINGO Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems.$0.99 ABCya.comNone
    EducationMonster PhysicsMonster Physics - a unique app that lets you play with physics. Build and operate you own car, crane, rocket ship, plane, helicopter, tank and more.$0.99 Dan Russell-PinsonNone
    ReferenceMy Nature Animal TracksMy Nature Animal Tracks - an easy way to identify animal tracks.$6.99 MyNature Inc.None
    OrganizerOneNoteOneNote - Organizational ToolFreeMicrosoft CorporationNone
    ReferencePortaPoetPortaPoet - helps you quickly and easily write and shape rhyming poems that are sure to make lasting impressions.$2.99 Artisan Engineering LLCNone
    Photo & VideoPostcard Maker ProPostcard Maker Pro - will help you to combine your best photos, arange them with patterns, put your workds on the post card and even more…$0.99 Luo XuNone
    EducationScribble PressScribble Press - is a book creation platform that allows kids to create and share their own stories with hundreds of great drawing and writing tools.$2.99 Scribble Press, IncNone
    EducationSight Words 1- 100 Kids LearnSight Words 1- 100 Kids Learn - building blocks needed to learn to read.$4.99 Teacher Created MaterialsNone
    Photo & VideoSonicPicsSonic Pics- sCreate, Record & Share custom photo slideshows.$2.99 Humble Daisy, IncNone
    EducationStory PatchStory Patch - use to creat your own picture books.  Hundreds of images, easy to use controls and ability to import photos.$2.99 Haywoodsoft, LLCNone
    Photo & VideoStoryrobeStoryrobe - a mobile digital storytelling app. Create a digital story in three easy steps.  Choose Images/Videos, Record Story, Upload$0.99 Story Robe LLCNone
    Photo & VideoStrip DesignerStrip Designer - create personal comic strips.$2.99 Jens EgebladNone
    EducationSums StackerSums Stacker - a fun way to imporve math fluency without boring drills.$1.99 Carstens Studios IncNone
    EducationTelling Time HDTelling Time HD - makes learning to read time great fun.$1.99 Turn MobileNone
    EntertainmentTypeDrawingType Drawing - Type a sentence, then just draw with your finger.  You've not got a one of a kind, totally unique and amazing typographic work of art.$2.99 Hansol HuhNone
    NewsUSDA News ReaderUSDA News Reader - grabs top stories from the USDA and delivers them to the app.$0.99 Richard de los SantosNone
    MedicalVeterinary AnatomyVeterinary Anatomy - flash card app that helps you learn the anatomy of cats, dogs, horses and many other animals.$2.99 simpaddico llcNone
    MedicalVeterinary TermsVeterinary Terms - will help you look up over 2000 animal health related issues and find an easy-to-understand explanation.$0.99 PetMdNone
    EducationWildlife IDWildlife ID - is designed to help students identify the different types of equipment and species with multiple high-resolution images, auido pronunciations and a practice quiz to test their knowledge.$4.99 CEV MultimediaNone
    Teacher Apps** NOT AN APP To access PS Admin Create a web link to powerschool.greenwoodsd.org/admin  **Admin account required to login.User Created WeblinkFreeNone
    Teacher Apps   App StorePreinstalled on each iPad
    AppStoreAppStorePreinstalled on each iPad
    CameraCameraPreinstalled on each iPad
    MusicClassical Music Radio
    FaceTimeFaceTimePreinstalled on each iPad
    Music GarageBand
    iContactsiContactsPreinstalled on each iPad
    iGame CenteriGame CenterPreinstalled on each iPad
    MailiMailPreinstalled on each iPad
    iMapsPreinstalled on each iPad
    MusiciMusiciMusicPreinstalled on each iPad
    iNotesiNotes - easily take notes and email, copy, share from your iPadPreinstalled on each iPad
    iRemingersiReminders - Preinstalled on each iPad
    iTunesiTunesPreinstalled on each iPad
    iVideoiVideo - Preinstalled on each iPad
    NewsstandNewsstandPreinstalled on each iPad
    PhotosPhotosPreinstalled on each iPad
    BrowserSafariSafariPreinstalled on each iPad
    Teacher Apps SettingsPreinstalled on each iPad
    MusicSpa Music Radio
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