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       The Spelling lessons come from a rules-based lesson model.  Words will be introduced at the beginning of each month with a test at the end of the month.  Our goal is that our students learn the rules of spelling and can then apply them to any words, vs. simply memorizing a list of words with not application later.  The packet is due the day of the test, but can be turned in when it is completed.
    This Week's Spelling List

    Spelling Rule #1

    I before E except after C and when said as “A” as in neighbor and weigh.

    Word List #1

    1. achieve
    2. brief
    3. ceiling
    4. chief
    5. deceive
    6. field
    7. neighbor
    8. perceive
    9. piece
    10.  receipt
    11.  receive
    12.  relief
    13.  thief“no excuses words”  
    15.  about
    16.  each
    17.  could4th grade core words
    19.  able
    20.  alone
    21.  already
    22.  am





Last Modified on September 12, 2017