BYOT - Use Agreement

    Electronic Communications Policy #237

    Bring Your Own Technology Responsible Use Agreement

    Availability of Access

    Access to the Greenwood School District’s filtered wireless network utilizing personal and guests devices shall be made available to students, employees, and members of the Board of Directors primarily for instructional and administrative purposes, in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the Electronic Communications Device Policy and this agreement.

    Conditions of use for the District’s network shall be permitted as the user’s actions:

    ·         Comply with the responsibilities specified in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology and the Electronic Device Policy

    ·         Impose no tangible costs to the district

    ·         Do not unduly burden the District’s network or computer services

    ·         Have no adverse effect on an employee’s job performance or the student’s academic performance

    ·         Do not cause substantial disruption to the educational environment

    ·         Students and parents have submitted the signature page of the agreement

    ·         Students have completed the BYOT orientation session

    Access to the district’s electronic communications system is a privilege, not a right.  All users shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations governing the use of the system and shall agree in writing to comply with such regulation guidelines.

    Noncompliance with the applicable regulations may result in limitation, suspension, or termination of  privileges, and other disciplinary action consistent with the appropriate District policies.

    Violations may result in criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the district.

    Participation in BYOT device program is strictly optional, and completion of the BYOT agreement and participation in orientation is required.



    The Greenwood School District is committed to creating a 21st Century learning environment to provide equitable access to technology that will aid our students in becoming self directed learners, collaborative team players, and information producers as well as information consumers.  Providing students and staff with a 21stcentury digital learning environment is part of Greenwood’s core values.

    Upon completion of the agreement, the Greenwood School District will allow all students to bring their own authorized technology devices (including laptops, netbooks, iPads, eReaders, android tablets, and smart phones) for personal use at the following specified times during the school day: before/after school and in the classroom when specifically permitted by the classroom teacher.  Utilization of personal technology devices to enhance learning in the classroom, will be encouraged when deemed appropriate for all students in a given classroom, and at the discretion of the teacher.  Unless the classroom teacher specifically authorizes utilization of personal devices, such devices must remain off and put away.  Personal electronic devices may not be used at any time in locker rooms, restrooms, or the nurse’s office.

    Students and staff are required to access our wireless network when using approved devices during the school day with the consent and supervision of the classroom teacher and the authority of the building principal or when using approved devices for personal use at authorized times.  While users may operate their own devices to access the Internet, they must do so by way of the District’s filtered wireless connections.  The use of private (3g-4g) network access on school grounds is prohibited.  Users may not disable, override or circumvent district technology filters and protection measures.

    Many Greenwood teachers and students utilize Google Applications (including Gmail) and other online resources for personal productivity and academic purposes.  There are also students and staff members who require specialty software products not licensed by the district, or that require file space exceeding our parameters.  Allowing the use of personal technology devices will facilitate timely accessibility for these users to their resources, enhancing the opportunity for productivity and success.


    Wireless Information

    When a student brings his/her own technology device on to the Greenwood campus, it is mandatory that these devices utilize the Greenwood filtered wireless network for students only!  For example, a Greenwood student must choose the “Greenwood Secure” wireless ID, and sign in using their assigned Greenwood secure username and password.  By authenticating and logging onto the Greenwood network, the student is agreeing to comply with the terms of the Greenwood School District Acceptable Use Policy.  Once on the Greenwood network, all users will have filtered Internet access on their personal equipment in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), just as they would on district devices.


    Acceptable Devices

    1. Computers

    Laptops and netbooks are permitted on our network.  It is expected that those devices will have the following:

    1. Updated Web Browser from which students are able to access the necessary tools.
    2. Current anti-virus software.
    3. Fully charged and maintained to work properly during the school day.


    B. Mobile Devices

    Tablet technology and e-Readers are clearly useful for productivity purposes and will enhance instruction, so they are permitted on the network.  This category includes but is not limited to iPAds, Android Tablets, Kindles and Nooks


    C.      Handheld Devices

    This category includes iPods, MP3/4 Players, smart-phones and droids.


    3G/4G Network Access is Prohibited

    Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, e-readers, and smart-phones are often equipped with 3G/4G wireless accessibility, which the District is unable to filter or monitor, in legal compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  Students and employees who bring 3G/4G enabled devices must access the Internet via the District’s filtered Wi-Fi connections only!  Violators may have their devices confiscated, their participation in BYOT program restricted, and be subject to other disciplinary action.

Last Modified on August 7, 2018