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    To ensure all English Language Learners develop to their fullest potential. Our vision is to promote life-long learners and productive citizens of the world community.


    1) Greenwood Elementary ESL instructional  program consists of both ‘pull out’ and ‘push-in’ instruction from the ESL instructor.


    2)  The amount and type of standards-based ESL instruction provided to students will depend on their language development and proficiency as determined by the WIDA- ACCESS Placement Test and the WIDA- ACCESS proficiency tests.  The following amounts of instructional time are followed based on the recent BEC (Basic Education Circular) recommendations.  For non- English speaking  students (Entering/ Beginning)- 2 – 3 hours; (Developing) – 1 1/2 - 2 hours;  (Expanding/ Bridging); 1- 1 1/ 2 hours; (Reaching) –as needed. Students who have exited the program are carefully monitored for progress for two years.  They may require some support which may be provided two to three times per week, typically a resource period for help with content-area assignments.  At the secondary level, ESL students are provided  ESL  services in place of their regularly scheduled English course. Additional time is provided as needed.


    3)Multiple criteria are used to determine evaluation procedures of  our ESL program:

    a.      Formal assessment of English language proficiency

    b.      Assessment of academic achievement

    c.       Performance on district wide assessments

    d.      State annual ELP assessment

    e.       Performance on the PSSA

    f.        Portfolios

    g.      Observations


Last Modified on August 25, 2016