• Expense sheet (8-26-05)

    Course approval form (4/16)

    Conference approval form - when handing in registration forms to Mrs. Bryner make sure you already have your conference approved by the principal and a copy sent along with the registration form. (8-26-05)

    Time Sheets - to be used for any payment requests that are paid through payroll like detention, computer hours, homebound, extra days/hours, etc.  (9-09-05)

    Continue to use the old expense sheet for reimbursed supplies and mileage which do not go through payroll.

    Please make sure you use these forms to obtain the proper approvals and reimbursements. Do not hand in expenses for reimbursement without attaching them to an expense form. Staple your receipts to the form.

    Our auditors want to see the proper approvals and consistent use of these forms.

Last Modified on April 13, 2016