• Psychological Services
    With parental permission, students may be referred for individual evaluation as part of a full Multidisciplinary evaluation.  Mrs. Rickenbach serves as School Psychologist for students in grades K-12.  Referral for evaluation can be made by the Instruction Support Team, Teacher or Parent.  If a student is referred for evaluation, one or more of the following  areas may be evaluated:  intellect, achievement, fine motor skill, perceptual skill, adaptive behavior, attention skills, and social/emotional function. 
    At the conclusion of the evaluation, a written report is submitted as part of the full Evaluation Report.  This report attempts to interpret the results of the evaluation and offers suitable recommendations to the team.  Mrs. Rickenbach discusses the results of the report with the parent and teachers at the Multidisciplinary Team meeting.    Copies of this report is provided to the parent and, at the request and with the permission of the parent, may be forwarded to other professionals such as mental health personnel, physicians, etc. 
Last Modified on August 19, 2015