In my professional opinion, one of the most significant adjustments for any middle-level learner is accountability.  In an effort to bridge the gap from elementary to high school, I do everything in my power to aid my students in becoming more accountable and taking responsibility for their own absences.


    When a student misses class, it is his/her responsibility to find out what he/she missed and make up the work.  I ask students to see me either before school (during homeroom) or after school in order to retrieve missed work.  Once class begins, I am responsible for approximately 20 students, and I can not take class time in order to catch up a student that has been absent from school.  During the school year, I will not track down students to remind them about missed assignments.  This will be the policy of their high school teachers, and I am doing my best to prepare them for this adjustment.


    Per Greenwood School District Policy, students will receive one day for each day absent to make up any missed work.  Makeup quizzes will be given either during homeroom or study hall.
Last Modified on September 19, 2017