• Students in both
    7th Grade Reading and
    English 8
    will be expected to abide by the following classroom rules:


    1.) Students must be PREPARED DAILY.  Students will need a pen or a pencil, their Chromebooks, and any materials necessary for that day’s class on a daily basis. Students will be made aware prior to the beginning of each class period which materials will be necessary.  Points will be deducted from any student’s grade that routinely comes to class unprepared.

    2.) The main rule in my class is RESPECT. Students will respect their peers, their teacher, and themselves. When students have something to share, they will be encouraged to do so, but they must raise their hands first.

    3.) BE ON TIME. Each marking period, a student’s first tardy will result in a verbal warning; a student’s second tardy will result in detention.

    4.) Any technology devices, approved and registered by the school, may be used only at teacher designated (educational) times. Students are not permitted to leave cell phones on their desks during instructional times.  Devices will be confiscated when used at inappropriate times.  

Last Modified on September 19, 2017