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    6th Grade AR
    6th Grade Sketchbook Assignments  

    6th Grade Art Expectations (5 POINTS)

    To earn 5 out of 5 each class students are expected to do the following…

    Come prepared Bring a Pencil, your Sketchbook, & any other needed materials.

    Participates in class discussion often

    Practice Safety: Use all tools and materials appropriately

    Accept Responsibility over YOUR actions, learning, and the classroom.

    Be YOUR Best Self - Work hard, show creativity and try YOUR best!


    Grading   Scale Based   on a possible 5 points











       What is being Assessed?  


    Student did not meet the expectations and needed to be reminded of classroom expectations more than one time.

    Student had to be reminded of one of the classroom expectations

    Student came to class prepared -Brought a pencil & sketchbook to class as well as   any other expected materials. Participated in class discussion expressing own opinions, ideas, and answers. Practiced Safety at all times. Accepts Responsibility over own actions, learning, and the classroom. Was their Best Self-Work hard, showed creativity and try their best



      I am always watching to see who is an active, creative,    and contributing part of our learning community & who is  unprepared, shows little effort or responsibility.

    Student may lose more than 7 points if they are continuously off task.


Last Modified on September 25, 2014